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UntitledIf your occupation is on this list it means that you are eligible to apply for a resident visa under the Skilled Migrant Category. This is a points-based visa that considers factors such as age, work experience, your qualifications and an offer of skilled employment.

To apply under the Skilled Migrant Category you must be aged 55 or under, meet the skill level for your occupation, and meet English language, health, and character requirements.

Please refer to Appendix 6 of this link: http://www.immigration.govt.nz/opsmanual/index.htm









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UntitledThursday, October 02, 2014

Two Fijian nationals found guilty of providing false and misleading information to Immigration New Zealand (INZ) have been sentenced.

Imraan Khan was sentenced yesterday in the Auckland District Court to 20 months’ imprisonment and Berlinda Williams was sentenced this morning to 12 months’ home detention.

Williams applied for residence in 2008 based on her marriage to a New Zealand citizen. Williams stated in her application that she had been living with her husband for one year and four months and that they were living together in a genuine and stable relationship. After assessing the information provided, INZ approved Williams’ residence application.

In 2010 INZ received a work visa application from Khan, who was applying under partnership policy, based on his marriage to a New Zealand citizen.

Khan provided a number of documents in support of his work visa application, some of which appeared to show a connection with Williams.

Further investigation established that, despite each being married to New Zealand citizens, Khan and Williams had in fact been in a relationship and had never lived with their New Zealand spouses.

During the investigation, Williams approached witnesses and tried to make them change the statements they had provided INZ, leading to charges of perverting the course of justice in addition to those of providing false and misleading information to INZ.

INZ Fraud investigator John Marston says that the sentences imposed on Khan and Williams are a great result from what has been a complex case.

“This case really shows that fraud doesn’t pay,” Mr Marston says. “Despite the significant effort put in by these two offenders to gain residence by deception, their ruse was picked up by our staff and they have paid the price.”

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UntitledeMedical goes live

Wednesday, November 19, 2014
From 24 November 2014, Immigration New Zealand will join eMedical, an online immigration health processing system developed by Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

This service will be available to all applicants in the following countries:

  • Cambodia
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • Thailand
  • United Arab Emirates, and
  • Vietnam.

With eMedical, an approved panel physician and/or radiologist completes the medical and/or X-ray certificate and electronically submits the information to Immigration New Zealand.


If you are living in and submitting a health certificate with your application from one of the countries listed above, go to your nearest panel physician.


For more information on eMedical, refer to our eMedical Fact Sheet.






  • 柬埔寨
  • 新加坡
  • 南非
  • 泰国
  • 阿拉伯联合酋长国
  • 越南






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UntitledNew Zealand Residence Programme – Skilled Migrant Category fortnightly selection

Wednesday, November 26, 2014
The SMC EOI selection took place at approx 1.00pm NZ time on Wednesday November 26, 2014

The following EOIs were selected:

Selection criteria No. of EOIs
All EOIs with a points total of 140 or more. 525
All those with a job or job offer that had a points total of 100 or more but less than 140 points. 146