Business Category
NZ Immigration Specialist


1. Entrepreneur Residence Visa Category


Principal applicants in the Entrepreneur Residence Visa Category are required to demonstrate that:

  • they have successfully established a business in New Zealand that realises the benefits outlined in their business plan, and have operated that business for at least:

i.   two years, and meet the requirements of Instruction BH2.1.1; or

ii.   six months, and meet the requirements of Instruction BH 2.1.5; and

  • the business is benefiting New Zealand significantly; and
  • the business complies with employment and immigration law; and
  • the same or greater amount of capital has been invested in the business as outlined in the business plan.


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2. Migrant Investor Category


(a)  Investor Plus


  • NZ$10 million investment;
  • maintain investment in New Zealand for minimum of 3 years;
  • spend 44 days in New Zealand in each of the final 2 years of the three year investment period; investment period; and
  • meet health and character requirements.

(b)  Investor


  •  English requirement-IELTS 3 or more;
  •  NZ$1.5 million investment;
  •  NZ$1 million settlement funds (transfer not required);
  •  3 years business experience;
  •  maintain investment in New Zealand for minimum of 4 years;
  •  spend 146 days in New Zealand in each of the final 3 years of the 4 year investment period; and
  •  meet health and character requirements.


3. Employee of a relocating business


This category aims to promote New Zealand as a place in which to invest and relocate businesses to by facilitating the residence and work visa of an employee of a relocating business.

To be approved under this category, the employee must:

  • Be a key employee of the business that is proposing to relocate to New Zealand;
  • Not qualify for residence under other residence categories;
  • Be healthy and of good character; and
  • Meet a minimum standard of English.