About Us
NZ Immigration Specialist

www.migrate2newzealand.com  is hosted by Clear Law Immigration Limited.

At Clearlaw Immigration, we strive to assist you in your movement towards a new life in our country from wherever you may be.

We provide strategic immigration advice to both individuals and companies. If you are planning to visit, reside or extend your stay in New Zealand we can help you and your family with our specialist immigration advisory service. We focus on assisting our clients to secure both temporary entry and residence class visas and over the years we have helped migrants from numerous countries to stay and work in New Zealand. You can rely on us for strategic and honest advice in a friendly setting.

We have a reputation of being problem solvers and have referral clients from immigration consultants when seemingly simple matters become knotted. We take pleasure in assisting our clients untangle sticky issues and provide advice on all aspects of immigration law.

We also submit appeals before the Immigration and Protection Tribunal and make representations to the Minister of Immigration for special directions.