Long Term Skilled Shortage List (LTSSL)
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Long Term Skilled Shortage List (LTSSL)

What is the Long Term Skill Shortage List?

The Long Term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL) is a list of skilled occupations that are in sustained shortage all over New Zealand.

The list is updated every 6 months.

This list is commonly used in the Work to Residence instructions and in the Skilled Migrant Category.

In the Skilled Migrant Category for example, you may claim bonus points in your Expression of Interest (EOI) if your:

is on the Long Term Skill Shortage List (referred to as the “Area of absolute skill shortage”).


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Comment (4)

  • Lye Poh Chai - November 22, 2014

    Have Industrial Engineering degree meeting Washington Accord requirement and MBA in General Administration.

    age 52.

    • Hi Poh Chai,

      We believe you can qualify under the skilled migrant category. However you need a job offer relevant to your qualifications. Please email us your cv and we will advise you better. Our email is francisyang@clear.net.nz.



  • Hi, I have a diploma in Architectural Draughtsmanship and I am currently working as a Site Manager overseeing a six star resort hotel. With a combine experience of 20 years in architecture and interior design, I hope to get into this industry in NZ. Can you please advise me further on this matter. Thank you.